Fantastic Factories: Manufactions

Created by Deep Water Games

Put on your hard hats! The award winning card game is expanding! Which faction will you align with to establish market dominance?

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Fulfillment update - final week of US fulfillment
4 days ago – Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 09:42:59 PM

Sorry we didn't post an update earlier. Deep Water Games is currently in the final week of getting US pledges shipped out. If you have not received your game or a tracking number yet there is no reason to worry. We are not shipping the games by region so someone receiving the game last week in your city doesn't mean your shipment has been forgotten or lost. Once the games are in the mail, it may take up to  a week for it to arrive. So please do not be concerned if you are in the US and have not receive your game until 2 weeks from this update.

If you get tracking information from FedEx or USPS for a package coming from Ox Eye Media then that's probably from us! Ox Eye Media is Deep Water Games' parent company, which is why you'll see the shipping label come from that name.

Future updates

I know it can be anxious waiting for the next update, especially when the current phase of the campaign is actually getting your games! To help set expectations clearly moving forward, I'll be including when I expect our next update will be as well. Once all the games for US backers are in the mail, I will provide another update. You should expect this update to come early next week.

Airport blueprint quantity misprint

It has come to our attention that there is a minor misprint involving the blueprint card, Airport, which is part of the Subterfuge expansion. The rulebook and the pips on the card indicate that there are 3 copies of the card when there are actually only 2 copies of the card included in the game. 2 copies is correct and is what was intended so this misprint should not affect gameplay. This was the last change made in development and somehow the quantity change to 2 copies did not make it into the visual changes for the card and the rulebook. Sorry for this mistake and any confusion it may cause.

Additionally the rulebook says there are 16 blueprints when there are in fact 18 in the Subterfuge expansion.

Lack of baggies in the base game

Another frustrating situation we've encountered with the manufacturer is the lack of plastic bags within the box. This is an issue we identified early in the process but it seems the factory failed to follow through with their promise to fix it. Unfortunately there's little we can reasonably do for backers at this point so we apologize for this error as well.

International fulfillment status

Time in ocean freight has been longer than expected. We are expecting boats to arrive at their respective ports around now. After which there will be about 1 week to pass through customs and then 2 weeks to start fulfilling. So we're looking to have fulfillment start in about 3 weeks time.

Replacement cards

I will likely be repeating this information over the next few updates because not all backers have read the previous updates. For those of you who have been following the updates closely, this is not new information.

In the box we are shipping to US backers there will be some additional packs of cards that are not within a game box and are not the promo cards. These are replacement blueprint cards to fix a color-matching issue we encountered with the manufacturer. Please note that for the Manufactions expansion, the replacement cards also include the contractor cards which don't actually need replacing. It was logistically easier for the factory to do it this way.

For full details on the color-matching issue, please refer to this previous update.

Verdant - A spatial board game about houseplant collecting

Verdant - A puzzly spatial board game of houseplant collection and care

One last thing. While waiting for Fantastic Factories to be manufactured, I (Joseph) joined the development team for Flatout Games' new project, Verdant! Verdant is a puzzly spatial board game of houseplant collection and care. We've been friends of Flatout Games for a while now and when they offered me the opportunity to do development for their latest game, I eagerly took them up on it.

Today, Verdant has launched on Kickstarter! Few games are as colorful and puzzly as Fantastic Factories, and this is one of them. If this game looks up your alley, please check it out.

- Joseph

Fulfillment is about to begin!
30 days ago – Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 10:47:11 PM

Hey fantastic backers!

We had a little delay with the replacement cards. There was an unfortunate mistake with the factory's shipment. We found out we were missing the base game replacement cards. However they're arriving tomorrow!


We're about ready to start fulfillment, we are finally receiving the last product we need tomorrow to start fulfillment so on Monday we're going to start rolling out US packages! We are anticipating the fulfillment to take 2-3 weeks to complete!


All of the product is on their way to their respective hubs! The latest we're anticipating being able to have them start is September 20th.

Replacement decks

A lot of you have been curious about the replacement decks. I want to clear some things up. We're doing everything we can to ensure nothing gets missed. So, lets break it down:

1) All of the NEW base game is fine.

2) Manufactions and Subterfuge in the English print run had the color misprint. We caught it in time to replace the cards in the box for all international orders.

If you backed at everything new or any of the individual expansions that means you already have an old base game that won't match the new cards. So, we're including EVERY single blueprint card reprinted for you including the promo cards.

If you backed at everything tier you're going to get the new base game which doesn't need a replacement deck and you'll receive replacement decks for Manufactions and Subterfuge.

If you for example pledged for Everything and an additional Manufactions you'd receive a base game deck, 2 Manufactions decks, and 1 subterfuge deck. Because we're assuming if you're ordering an additional expansion it's for someone who already has the base game.

There's obviously lots of possible combinations but I hope this gives you some good insight into what we're doing and how we're approaching it.

That's all for now! Can't wait to get these in your hands. 

-Nolan, Deep Water Games

Fulfillment is on track
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 03, 2021 at 11:38:13 PM

The games are at the warehouse

Things are moving along nicely. In fact, the base games and expansions for the US have already arrived at Deep Water Games' warehouse!! At this point we are waiting for the replacement cards to arrive via airmail in about 1 weeks time at which time we will start US fulfillment. DWG expects that they will be able to get everything in the mail within 1 week of starting.

International orders are being ocean shipped to their respective hubs right now and will begin fulfillment in September.

Now is the time to make sure your address information is up to date. If you've moved recently, please re-visit the BackerKit pledge manager link to update your information.

The games are looking great, and the playmat is very vibrant!

Double-sided playmat

Rat Queens: To the Slaughter

Rat Queens: To the Slaughter

Just wanted to drop a quick shoutout to another Kickstarter. There's less than 48 hours left to back Rat Queens! A brand new game from Deep Water designed by Sen-Foong Lim and Erica Bouyouris. Rat Queens is a collaborative boss battler based on the New York Times best selling graphic novel. To the Slaughter!

I've had the pleasure of personally meeting Sen-Foong Lim and playing his games as well (such as Junk Art). There aren't many Asian and Pacific Islander game designers in the board game industry and I'd be remiss if I didn't give his live KS campaign a shoutout during its final hours.

Again, thank you everyone for your patience. I'm excited to be playing the expansions soon!

- Joseph

Color matching issue and making things right
3 months ago – Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 05:23:37 AM


I won't mince words here and will get straight to the point. We discovered a mistake that the factory has made. There is a significant color mismatch issue between the blue of the blueprint cards from the 1st/original print run of Fantastic Factories (our previous KS campaign) and this 2nd/new print run of Fantastic Factories. There's also subtle, but still noticeable color mismatch between Fantastic Factories and the expansions. It's taken us some time to formulate a plan, but we have a fix that should ensure that all backers will get consistently colored cards with minimal to no delay for US backers. Unfortunately this fix will delay international fulfillment. Details on the issue and the fix below. Feel free to skip to the fix if you are not interested in the details of how the error occurred.

Color mismatch

During the manufacturing of a board game there are a number of checkpoints that happen to ensure things are accurate and correct. After sending over files, one of the first checkpoints is the digital proof. This is where they print all the assets onto paper and send it to us to check for accuracy in details such as typos, card quantities, etc. Notably they print this using regular printers and not the offset mass production printers that the final game will be printed with. At this time the blueprint colors matched. I stressed multiple times that the blueprint colors needed to match across all print runs of Fantastic Factories. Here's a snippet of a conversation I had with Jacob from our publishing partner, Deep Water Games (DWG), who is coordinating with the manufacturer. We had assurances from the factory that they would color match with the original print run of Fantastic Factories.

Jacob and I discussing the digital proofs in chat

The next step would be for the factory to air ship us one of the first production copies of the game off the mass production line. However, given the assurances, our rush to adhere as closely as possible to the original timeline, and DWG's positive track record with this manufacturer, this step was skipped, and we only received a production copy of the game only after the print run was completed. That's when we discovered this:

1st print run blueprints mixed with 2nd print run blueprints: new cards are clearly darker

Furthermore, the expansions don't even match the base game from this same print run (although the difference is more subtle). Those of you who have followed Fantastic Factories' journey from the first Kickstarter know that I'm very serious about quality and consistency. I'm employing as much restraint as possible to prevent this part of the update from turning into an unproductive rant, but simply put I was incredibly disappointed and frustrated with this outcome.

Fixing the problem

We have a huge commitment to you, the backer. Given the existing delays, the state of global shipping, and the errors in manufacturing, it seemed like an impossible problem to solve. Luckily, we were able to come up with a solution that the factory was willing to help with to make up for their mistake.

What we will be doing is have the factory reprint ALL the blueprint cards from the base game and the expansions. These reprinted cards will match the color of the blueprints from this new print run of Fantastic Factories base game. These reprinted cards WILL include the promo blueprints as well.

US Backers

Cards are luckily fairly compact, so these cards will be air shipped (much faster but much more expensive) to DWG's warehouse for US fulfillment. Because of the faster speed of air shipping, these cards should arrive around the same time as the games will. As we are packing the games to be shipped out, this pack of reprinted cards will also be included in the shipping box.

If you backed just Fantastic Factories, you won't need any of the replacement cards. If you backed any of the expansions (Manufactions or Subterfuge), you will be automatically receiving corresponding blueprint cards that you'll use instead of the ones contained within the box. If you backed for any of the expansions but not the base game, we assume you own Fantastic Factories from the 1st print run and will also provide reprinted copies of blueprints from the base game. This may sound a bit confusing right now but as the games arrive, we'll post another update with more specific instructions and details.

International Backers

We were able to catch this error before international ocean freight departed so we will unfortunately be delaying that shipment because we're going to have the factory open all of the games and replace the decks then re-shrinkwrap them. This does mean an additional delay to international backers.

Future retail copies of the game

Not directly relevant to backers, but in case you were wondering how we plan on selling the expansions in retail if the colors are mismatched: In our hurry to get the games to backers, we actually only put games destined to backers on the boat. This fortunately works in our favor because the factory has agreed to open up all the retail copies of the expansions to replace the cards. Yes, it's as tedious as it sounds, but it's what's necessary to make things right.

Updated timeline

At this point all the games destined for US backers are on boats and on their way to the US. Ocean freight is continuing to be unpredictable and a global issue. Given the latest status, our new US timeline is about 2.5 weeks later than our previous update. US fulfillment (that's when we start shipping games out from DWG's warehouse) is anticipated to be started August 6th instead of our previous estimate of July 20th. We expect most US backers to receive their games in the month of August.

International ocean freight is unfortunately delayed due to the color mismatching mistake. This puts us a whole month behind compared to our last update. International fulfillment is expected to begin September 1st as compared to our previous estimate of July 30th. We are really sorry about this additional delay.

Here's an update timeline graphic:

For those of you really into the details, the container ID for our US shipment for the expansions is TCLU1126861. It left Shanghai June 4th (one of the stops along the way) and is estimated to arrive in LA on July 5th. Then it will spend about a month getting through customs and trucking across the US to the warehouse in Michigan.

In general shipping is extremely volatile right now. We've seen ocean shipping prices surge 300% in the last year. Luckily we're in a position to absorb that and the only negative effect on the backers is the unfortunate delay. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

Personal news: A new player has joined!

Normally I don't like to include personal details into updates since it's not relevant to backers or the game, but I'm making an exception this time! My wife and I have been expecting a second child and our new baby girl has finally arrived!

Welcome to the world, Zoe!

I look forward to playing Fantastic Factories with her in the future!

- Joseph

Fulfillment timeline adjustment
4 months ago – Sat, May 15, 2021 at 01:19:58 AM

Here's the latest news as well as an adjustment to our previous timeline (TLDR: 1 month delayed due to ocean shipping delays):

  • Manufacturing of everything is completed.
  • Base game is arriving to the US in the next week or two (but won't be shipped out to backers until everything arrives).
  • Expansions are unfortunately not on a boat yet but projected to be on a boat on May 20th.
  • US and international fulfillment will not start until late July and will take through August to complete.

Here's a graphic that should help illustrate the estimated timeline:

Fulfillment timeline
  • May 10th: All manufacturing complete
  • May 20th: Ocean shipping to the US begins
  • June 10th: Ocean shipping to other regions begin
  • June 30th: Games arrive at ports
  • July 20th: US fulfillment begins
  • July 30th: International fulfillment begins

Thank you all for your patience. Waiting is the hardest part. I'm excited to see it all arrive!